Temper Tantrums and How to Deal With Them.

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Dealing With Temper Tantrums Effectively And Understanding Your Child At An Early Age .

Children between the ages of approximately 8 months to 5 years seem to present special difficulties for parents because those years are the fundamental period when a child experiences life,growth,feelings and because its  all so new it can present confusion to your child and unfortunately lead to a tantrum.. Thankfully these issues’s can be resolved early. This period is so important for the child as it’s his/her most formative years and equally its as essential for the parent to understand as it strengthens the bond between you both..

Lets begin with this scenario “and this happens to every parent” 6 Month old Baby is crying. You have given your baby a bottle, changed the diaper, played and cuddled and still the little tot won’t calm down!
We parents used to think that this parent-child torment is a necessary evil and we have to endure it until your baby is old enough to speak, i am glad to say you could not be more wrong. Your baby is simply wants something else put is unable to ask you for it.

Most babies can hear but do not yet have the physical ability to speak more than a few words, if any. Since speech is formed through the use of trained vocal chords, most babies can only form basic sounds. Communication is difficult (at first) and is usually made up of unintelligible noises and hand gestures. When frustrated, communication dissolves into crying, whining and sometimes tantrums. When Baby is frustrated, so are Mommy and Daddy. So what can we do about this Temper Tantrum,”I wasn’t prepared for this,i didn’t realize that this would happen and most parents don’t have any idea and why would you especially if it is your first child.

Well I am delighted to tell you your baby can tell you all what he or she wants and more by simply using these easy-to-follow Baby Sign Language illustrated charts. You don’t need to wait till your baby is a toddler –with the baby sign language posters at hand, you can start communicating as early as 6 months!, Its really as simple as that. When you understand what your baby wants you react much quicker to their real needs. This way your baby feels safer and less stressed! By creating this trust between you and your young one, you ensure that your baby will have more pleasant behavior now that will carry on into the future. With these signs, your baby will quickly understand that there is no need for crying and tantrums when he or she is being understood. When your baby knows that you always get it right and you are there to fix things fast, a strong type of parent-child bond is being created this the key to early successful parenting. See for yourself by clicking on the baby picture below and experience the new world of early child education and read some of the wonderful testimonials.

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It is a learning process so please be patient with yourself but most importantly enjoy your time with your child we don’t get these wonderful years back… 

Lets look at the next Article and move on to the next stages of your child’s development, Our Beautiful little Toddler.



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