Discover the right way to deal with toddler temper tantrums.

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Somewhere between the ages of one and three, toddlers master a new form of communication. It’s called a temper tantrum. There are two kinds of temper tantrums. One is an expression of frustration. The other is an attempt to manipulate.

Here are some tips to help stop those tantrums.

When a toddler gets frustrated, he or she lacks the verbal skills to express those feelings. The result can be an emotional outburst. As a parent, there are a few helpful strategies to calm the toddler down:

  • Hold your toddler. The toddler can’t talk his way out of the problem. Being held lets him know that someone is there for him.
  • Identify what triggers your toddler’s tantrums. Does he or she get cranky during a visit to the market? Be prepared. Bring along a favorite toy or a treat. Don’t go shopping when the toddler is tired.
  • Verbalize your toddler’s feelings. If he/she is upset because you’re shopping and won’t buy him/her a toy, put it into words for them. Get down to the toddler’s level and say, You want that ball and you’re upset because you can’t have it’s  Knowing his/her feelings are understood will calm the toddler down.
  • Distract the tantrum-throwing toddler. Give him/her a favorite toy. Ask him/her to color a picture. Take him/her somewhere else, like the garden, where you can show him/her the flowers. Any distraction should abate the tantrum.
  • Ask him/her what he/she is feeling. They may have difficulty verbalizing his/her frustration, but it will teach him/her to use words rather than tantrums when angry.
  • You, as the parent, should stay calm. If the toddler is out-of-control, he/she needs you to be in control. If he/she is throwing a tantrum in public, take him/her to a quiet place. Talk to him/her calmly.

Be aware that even a toddler is smart enough to know your trigger points. A tantrum-throwing toddler does not need a parent with a short fuse. Be aware what kind of behavior causes you to lose it. If necessary, get professional help. If your toddler is throwing a fit in an effort to manipulate you, it’s important that you remain in control.

  • If possible, ignore the tantrum. Once your toddler realizes who is in control, the tantrum will stop.
  • Call for a time out. If you’re outside, take the child to the car. At home, have a time out place. This will give the toddler a chance to calm down.
  •  Again these are some very useful guidelines for a parent to follow but for those serious about taking control of your out of control toddler.

If you really want to stop your toddlers temper tantrums, I highly recommend you check out my review of the audio course “Dealing with the Terrible Twos” here. It will teach you everything you need to know to stop those temper tantrums for good.

Most importantly, recognize that your toddler’s tantrums are actually a good thing. He or she is learning to deal with frustration, which is an important skill as the toddler matures into an adult. In a world where no one always gets what he or she wants, knowing how to deal with frustration is crucial.

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