10 Common Mistakes Parents make with children
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Stop Temper Tantrum Learn TODAY and Put a BRAKE to Temper Tantrum Meltdowns:

OVERWHELMED, MORTIFIED AND STRUGGLING with your child's obnoxious loud and whopper tantrum !!! Find out the ways Families who have Struggled and Faced Tantrum Crisis handle the


Temper Tantrum Behavior of your 12 month old to 5 year old!!!

Learn from a parent who experienced first hand temper tantrums troubles with their own children. This heartfelt parenting adventure and resources of information gathered is a bedrock GUIDE AND SUPPORT to give hope to ALL PARENTS who are going through the phases with toddlers. WE all want to put our best front up so people think we are doing well but there needs to be less judgement

Any parent of a toddler knows the drill: you're having a nice day with your child, then suddenly--meltdown! How to react? Or not react? Stop Temper tantrums offers parents welcome relief: an annotated listing of all the exasperating things little kids do and step-by-step advice on how to handle each situation.
From "Public Meltdowns" to "In Search of Sleep" to "Dinner Disasters," this book covers every bugaboo by category--including biting, teeth-brushing, refusal to wear a coat, and what to do when your youngster won't hug Aunt Marge. Handy action points, suggested language, and "Been There" sidebars point the way to resolution.
Infused with funny, often commiserating advice, this is an invaluable resource for parents who try their darnedest but need a cheat-sheet for when they're stumped by their willful tots.


These powerful teaching tools will help you and your family get back on track and you will have some Fun regaining control

STOP the Unbearable Roaring, Screaming,Yelling, Whining, Biting,Hitting, Head Slamming and Things Throwing Toddler Temper Tantrums?

Seize back the control of your household with a practical common sense approach that really works with toddlers tantrums.
Being upset and with your blood pressure going through the roof , will be a matter of the past .
Put Into practice these easy-to-learn fun techniques and you  parents are back in control!!!. 
Discover and make use immediately these simple secrets of discipline which will work with toddlers and in through the teens.

Three simple rules for being a cool parent in a hot situation:
 1) take good care of yourself by setting firm limits through the use of enforceable statements,
2) offer choices instead of demands whenever possible, and
3) allow empathy and consequences to teach the lesson.

Discipline with love and logic is a practical, down-to-earth, common sense approach to working with kids that leaves parents and kids liking each other.  It's just the ticket for the extreme demands of parenting

SOLVE,ELIMINATE,CURE and STOP these toddler's temper tantrums AT HOME and IN PUBLIC AREAS?

Understanding your toddler and how to stop your child's temper tantrum in seconds:

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We as parents of toddlers do share a common "trying times" - the toddler temper tantrum phase. During this period, there are so many learning curves for the toddler's inquisitive minds. The toddler's frustrations fueled by the fact that they are not able to comprehend and do things for themselves cause the highly charged tantrums and unreasonable demands. Suddenly the silence of normality is broken ( tends to happen overnight) We are confronted with unexpected situations and have to learn to cope and adjust our lives.

It helps to think of your toddler as sort of a caveman. With all their grunting and grabbing, toddlers often seem quite primitive. To communicate with them, you have to speak in a primitive and almost prehistoric type of language — Toddler-ese — with lots of gestures. It needs to be as energetic and dramatic as the child is being. To speak Toddler-ese, use:

  • Short phrases.
  • Tons of repetition.
  • A passionate tone of voice.
  • Lots of exaggerated facial expressions and body gestures (like big smiles, frowns and vigorous pointing).

    Parents do this already when a child is happy, they're way over the top. But when kids are upset, parents try to be calm and logical. Parents need to be over the top whether the child is happy or upset.

The author, as a parent, had hands-on experiences in dealing with my own children going through the temper tantrum phase. I also had discussions with other parents, work with dealing tantrums from other children.and was able to identify the "causes " of the tantrums. My hope by the compilation of these experiences is to share and help parents of toddlers to be more readily prepared in dealing with their toddlers tantrums phase working through what works under the different situations.

Thousands of "Relieved HAPPY" Moms and Dads ...... have benefited from this bedrock guide .Came across this from Gossip Girl ...all for the cost of a cup of coffee

Avoid Embarrassing Moments Before They
Become Life Long Challenges

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Dear Lion Tamer MUM And DAD,

Your toddler's second temper tantrum of the day shows no sign of stopping, and supersonic, ear-shattering, teeth-jarring screams pierce the air. Your first instinct is to run away and join the circus, but of course this isn't a real option. There must be a better way.

Toddler temper tantrums range from:

  • whining
  • crying
  • screaming
  • kicking
  • hitting
  • hair pulling
  • biting
  • breath holding
During the kicking-and-screaming chaos of the moment, tantrums can be downright frustrating. They're equally common in boys and girls and usually occur from age 1 to age 5.

Kids' temperaments vary dramatically — so some kids may experience regular tantrums, whereas others have them rarely. Imagine how it feels when you're determined to program your DVD player and aren't able to do it, no matter how hard you try, because you can't understand how.

Do you swear, throw the manual, walk away,
and slam the door on your way out?

That's the adult version of a tantrum. Toddlers are also trying to master their world and when they aren't able to accomplish a task, they often use one of the only tools at their disposal for venting frustration — a tantrum.

How Many Toddler Temper Tantrums Have you Experienced?

What Do You Do When Temper Tantrums Begin? Do You Ever Feel Tired, Frustrated or Overwhelmed  With Toddler Temper Tantrums? 

You are out shopping with your toddler in the supermarket. He or she has spied a toy that you do not intend to buy. Soon, you find yourself at the centre of a gale-force temper tantrum. Everyone is looking at you, and your face is burning with embarrassment.

Could you have prevented and stop the tantrum ?

Let's face it, today’s parents are increasingly under pressure to succeed both at work and at home.

Being a parent to a toddler is tough and demanding. 


If you try and follow the guide, please do not consider it a magical pill if you don't intend to try all the exercises outlined. If you do, you'll see that it is a powerful system for eliminating tantrums almost in any situation.


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"Had Immediate Results"

Hi Dan,

I did download your book and starting reading it. I have started implementing the advice and had immediate results. I also downloaded, and printed the 10 common mistakes parents make with their children. I intend to use the advice there as well. Just as well Gossip Girl

Thank you so much!

The fact that at toddler stage and they being unable to communicate, you can never really understand what is going on inside your child’s head. 

With this in mind, you need to understand your toddler’s behaviour........

…..let alone be able to control their behaviour. 

This expectation can drain you emotionally and physically and make you feel completely useless as a parent. 

If you are a stay at home mum, you have to cope and experience on a daily, hourly or sometimes even minute by minute basis ......

......your toddler’s tantrums and he/she may hit out at you , kick , shout, scream and break the furniture

And most of the time you have no idea why they are doing it.

………you feel on a constant edge waiting for the next crisis to explode.

But you have to diffuse the situation before it escalates into a dangerous situation.

This daily routine and also the embarrassing public tantrum, coping with explosive situations and worrying endlessly about your child and the rest of the family can put an unbearable strain on you………

……there are times when you think that you can no longer carry on as a parent

Please be aware of these common mistakes, and learn how to avoid them!

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Common Parenting Mistakes
(that actually make things worse… some of these may surprise you!)
Do You...
Negotiate  Negotiate or keep trying to talk it out?
bribe your child  Try to bribe your child (with goodies) into good behavior?
Get down on your child’s level  Get down on your child’s level?
Show your frustration  Show your frustration and hope it will help?
take away something  Threaten to take away something they look forward to?
Yell at them  Yell at them?
Spank them  Spank them?
Refuse to give them what they want  Refuse to give them what they want?
Give them what they want  Give them what they want? or...
when they demand it  Give them what they want when they demand it?
Plead, Beg, Discuss & Argue  Plead, Beg, Discuss & Argue with them?
Fight with them   Fight with them to go to time out?
soothe them  Try to soothe them?
didn’t have the same problem  Listen to a neighbor or friend who really didn’t have
      the same problem?
Seek help from anyone  Seek help from anyone who has an opinion on tantrums?
Read books by a self-proclaimed parenting experts  Read books by a self-proclaimed parenting experts?

With the common mistakes in mind. Questions many a parent asks:


  • Are There Ways To Prevent Terrible Two Tantrum?

  • What Is The Best Way To Handle Toddler Temper Tantrums?

  • What Do You Do When They Have A Temper Tantrum In Public?

  • What To Do With A Sleep Deprived Child?


  • Would you like more fun and less stress
  • Enjoy quality time with your toddler
  • Bring back the romantic times

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"Your book will be our life jacket out of drowning"

Hi Dan,

Yes Thank you I have already read your book and are rereading it. I had a situation the other day and knew I had read about it, but couldn’t remember how to deal with it. (I did nothing as I need to get it right).

Your book certainly seems to be exactly what has happened to our family, and will be our life jacket out of drowning.

This week-end was the best week-end we have had as a family for a long time, so here’s to the future.I know I have a long way to go when I was in the car with the kids and I asked them to say something nice about each other, and then something nice about Dad. (Mike wasn’t there).

All Jayden could say was he was good at taking things. I reminded him how Dad came into his room and asked him about his day yesterday, and he agreed that he liked that.

A Lot of hard work to do, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

THANK YOU so much!
Kind Regards,
Alesha Long




Discover the secrets in may be 2 or 3 hours, that is how long it will take for you to read the ebook and you will learn:
  • How to control tantrums and the reasons why temper tantrums occur
  • How to avoid the same critical errors that most parents make when they are trying to stop tantrums
  • Steps that must be taken to get your toddler to stop throwing tantrums and
  • How to manipulate the situation – understand the ingredient causing tantrum
  • Techniques to eliminate temper whining and other annoying antics
  • How to analyse specific tantrums and design solutions
  • How to get your toddler to go to bed without complaining, arguing or fighting.

Every parent would endure frustrations with their toddler’s behaviour. It is stressful.

As a result, almost all of us would find ourselves venting our frustrations threatening, bribing or shouting at our kids just to get them to do as they are told.

Such an environment is not good on the kids nor is it good on ourselves as parents.

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"No fuss, No struggle "

Hi Dan,

Yes, thank you…we have downloaded it and even started practising some of the strategies and believe it or not it worked this morning….no fuss, no struggle, no engaging in power struggles… ..will keep you posted on our progress.

Sandra Shatilla.

So How Could We Make Things Better ?

You can go and see a professional - your family doctor or family guidance child psychologist. You would hope to get good advice from them. However, it may take some weeks or months to get an appointment.

Certainly, a private visitation to any specialist child psychologist could cost $250.00 per visitation and if by chance it takes 4 visitations - the total cost is $1000.00.

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Not Only That You Get To Keep It And You Can Refer To It Over Again And Again Over A Cup Of Coffee

Depending on how quickly you can read, you will find the solution to stop temper tantrum in just 2 hours! Have a look at your watch now, maybe it is 8 o’Clock this morning, so by 10 o’clock, you could know the secrets, know what to do and start putting things into practice.

Soon You and Your Family Will
Start To Enjoy FUN and LAUGHTER

Certainly it is a lot cheaper than all sweets, burgers, videos and other bribes that you need to buy just to make life eaiser?

But this wont happen unless you get the manual.

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Why take that chance with your child’s future, and with your happiness and sanity?"

Step by Step Ways that have been Tested and Proven to stop temper tantrums that Will Work For You And Your Child

1. You’ll discover exactly what to do, when to do it and exactly how to do it. Nothing to confuse you!

2. You will master a clear, simple plan that works for all ages and child personalities without exceptions!

3. You will know precisely what to say to your child to make sure that the learning process occurs quickly. A few powerful words only!

4. You will understand what you need to do in every situation, whether at home or in public.

5. You discover how to avoid tantrums and use them to teach your child the proper way to react.

6. You discover how to respond to tantrums so that your energy and attention isn’t wasted

7. You discover how to stop working hard to solve things for them.

8. You discover simple ways to control your home environment.

9. You also discover how your peace of mind helps to bring calmness to your child.

"Your book is a lifesaver "

Hi Dan,

Yes Thank you I have already read your book and are rereading it. Thanks for your continuing support.Your book has been a lifesaver.

We have been trying new techniques with our children and it is working.As you know it is very easy to slip back into old habits - shouting etc. but we will keep trying!!!

Kind Regards,

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Some of you may be skeptical.

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To discover when this is right for you, I ask you to keep in mind these facts:

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3. I am not speaking just from the limited experience of raising three children. I have seen thousands of children…with remarkable results.

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PS One thing I forgot to mention. Like you I am a parent.
And like you, the toddlers have acted up at times where they have been testing. They are no angels.

So for this reason, I feel motivated to put together these techniques to share it with others to cope with the temper situation.